David Sirota: Democrats gave away leverage in forcing vote on $2,000 checks

David Sirota, founder of The Daily Poster, said during a Thursday interview with Hill.TV that Democratic lawmakers lost leverage in the fight over winning Senate approval for $2,000 direct payments by voting to move forward on legislation to override President Trump’s veto and pass an annual defense bill. 

Sirota’s argument, explained in a interview with Hill.TV’s Krystal Ball, is that by voting against the procedural motion, Democrats might have forced a vote on the larger direct payments. 

“It’s a little wonky, it’s a little procedural, but the point here is is that the Democrats had the chance to not allow Mitch McConnell to move forward the defense authorization bill without a vote on $2,000 checks and they ended up instead, giving him 41 of the votes for that measure.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and five Democratic senators voted against moving forward to the NDAA and veto override.

The defense bill has broad support from both parties and passed the House and Senate in December with veto-proof majorities. 

The House already voted to override Trump’s veto, though some progressive Democrats have voted against the bill in both chambers.

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