Ken Klippenstein: ‘Ideological’ blindspot kept law enforcement from urgently responding to Capitol riots

The Nation journalist Ken Klippenstein said Friday that an “ideological blindspot” kept law enforcement from responding promptly to the riots that roiled the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. 

Klippenstein, on Hill.TV’s “Rising,” discussed how law enforcement failed to prevent chaos from erupting at the Capitol earlier this week after a mob of supporters of President Trump breached Capitol security. 

“My impression wouldn’t be that [law enforcement is] secretly on the side of these people that are planning unrest,” Klippenstein said. “My guess based on people I’ve talked to is that yes, there’s some sort of ideological attitude that because the president shares these views and he’s in a position of high office, maybe these views aren’t so crazy.”

“And so because of that it’s sort of hard for them to meet it with the sort of urgency that they need to.”

Watch the full interview above.

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