Washington Post economics reporter: Chances of 60 votes in Senate for Biden stimulus package 'really, really small'

Washington Post economics reporter Jeff Stein said Thursday that the incoming Biden administration is eyeing the passage of an economic stimulus bill with some Republican support, but the chances are "really, really small."

“The Biden people are hoping to pass this bill through what’s called regular order” under which the evenly split chamber would need at least nine GOP votes, Stein noted in a Hill.TV interview Thursday.

“Now, that would allow them to move more quickly, and would allow them to save what’s called the reconciliation vehicles that only require 51-vote support, but that could take longer, it could take months or weeks to do,” he added. “So what they’re hoping right now is, maybe if they have a slightly lower price tag, they can do this in a bipartisan way and then they can come back and do their other plans with just 51 votes.”

Co-host Krystal Ball went on to ask Stein about the likelihood of attracting enough GOP support, particularly amid longstanding Republican opposition to including state and local stimulus in an economic package.

“I feel like the odds of the requisite number of Senate Republicans supporting this for them to get to 60 is really, really small,” Stein replied. “You need nine Senate Republicans at a time when the party will be facing new pressure to withhold votes from the incoming administration.”