Spokesperson for Alphabet Workers Union says company failing to ‘act ethically,’ ‘live up’ to expectations

Alex Gorowara, a software engineer for Google and volunteer spokesperson for the new Alphabet Workers Union, on Thursday, said that the group aims to push Google’s parent company, Alphabet, to adopt more policies concerning growth opportunities and inclusivity in the workplace. 

In an interview on Hill.TV’s “Rising,” Gorowara said that the worker’s union, whose membership now numbers at nearly 700, will “instead of demanding collective bargaining based on a particular law,” aim to “get Alphabet’s attention and responsiveness, simply by speaking together, by raising a collective voice.” 

“Alphabet and Google have a long history of worker activism, a long history of workers caring about their work environment, caring about how their work is used ethically and fairly, and the union is sort of an extension of that, an extension of people who care about each other and their work,” Gorowara explained. 

He argued that in recent years, Alphabet is “failing to live up to our expectations, they are failing to act ethically, failing to act consistently in accord with the principles that we generally all believe in.” 

Gorowara added that the “hope” of the minority or non-contract union “is to be able to steer Alphabet to a more ethical course, both to the benefit of its works and for the public in general.” 

Watch part of Gorowara’s interview above.

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