Jilani: China 'sending clear message' to Biden officials with sanctions that opposition could lead to 'future pay cut'

Journalist Zaid Jilani said Thursday that China is "sending a clear message" to President Biden's officials with its sanctions that if they voice strong opposition to the country, it could lead to a "future pay cut" in the private sector.

Jilani told Hill.TV's "Rising" that China's sanctions against former Trump officials, which were announced on Inauguration Day, served as a warning for Biden administration members who seek to go into the private sector after Biden's presidency. 

"If you develop a reputation of someone whose 'anti-China' or someone who wants to or talk about reshoring, wants to talk about human rights towards China's Muslim minority or towards people in Hong Kong or Tibet,  you may be on the future hit list for sanctions, and ... you may get a future pay cut already," he said. 

He noted that Trump administration members who took actions against China, such as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former Trump adviser Peter Navarro, were slapped with sanctions. But those who were not as "antagonistic" toward China, such as Jared Kushner, were not given sanctions.

China's sanctions against the 28 former Trump officials ban them and their immediate family from traveling to China, Hong Kong and Macao. It also forbids them from doing business with China, which Jilani said "is basically cutting off your legs for making a lot of future money."