Kurt Andersen: Wealthy elite changed American culture to promote ‘good of greed’

Writer and radio host Kurt Andersen on Wednesday argued that a select few elite have waged a decades-long campaign that has prevented most Americans from advancing financially.

Appearing on Hill.TV’s “Rising” to discuss his latest book, “Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America,” Andersen said a “massive paradigm shift” began in the 1970s that changed the idea of economic fairness in America.

Andersen accused the conservative billionaire Koch brothers and American economist Milton Friedman of creating class warfare that promoted the “good of greed.”

“Creating think tanks, creating media that pushed this idea of changing — getting into the academia … and of course creating massive lobbying by an order of magnitude greater than had existed before. And really, sort of just kept their eye on this very specific ball of increasing wealth and power for big business and the rich.”

The author stated that their work ultimately resulted in stagnating financial growth even if it was not their intention to disenfranchise lower-income people.

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