Journalist Zaid Jilani reacts to CNN anchor Brian Stelter's comments on Fox News and censorship

Journalist Zaid Jilani responded to a call from Brian Stelter for news networks to consider not airing people who spread misinformation, arguing on Hill.TV's "Rising" that the CNN anchor is calling for censorship of his political enemies.

Speaking with hosts Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball, Jilani argued that Stelter's view was "what you'd find on fringe corners of the internet," and said that his call to keep misinformation off the air is aimed at Stelter's "political opponents."

"I think that Stelter has constructed a very narrow definition [of free speech], primarily for the purpose of censoring his political opponents," Jilani said.

Stelter on Sunday's "Reliable Sources" said that Fox News "is part of a radicalization pipeline that pits neighbor against neighbor and lets fear overpower courage."

"And it poisons American politics," Stelter added while playing clips of Fox News host Tucker CarlsonTucker CarlsonHow critical race theory became today's defining culture-war issue Tucker Carlson on running for president: 'I guess if like I was the last person on Earth' New York Times: Tucker Carlson a source for many journalists MORE.

Watch his interview above: