Investigative reporter says Amazon worker’s death raises questions of COVID-19 safety protocols


Investigative reporter Jordan Chariton says the death of Amazon worker Poushawn Brown raises questions about the COVID-19 safeguards that the online retail giant has in place for its workers.

Brown, who died one day after experiencing a headache, worked at an Amazon warehouse in Virginia and was responsible for testing fellow employees for COVID-19. She was purportedly not given proper personal protective equipment while testing fellow employees.

While it is unclear if Brown, 38, died of COVID-19, Chariton told Hill.TV’s “Rising” that it raises questions about worker safety, given heightened demand during the pandemic.

“It really begs the question. I’m not calling for Amazon to be shut down, but what are the safeguards that Amazon is putting in to protect its workers?” Chariton, CEO of Status Coup, asked.

“Because what I’ve been seeing [and] what I’ve been hearing is just a mad dash and direction from supervisors—‘increase production, increase production faster and faster’,” Chariton said.

“But again, why are workers even near the COVID testing room if they’re not being tested themselves? That’s the major question,” Chariton added.

Chariton said Amazon refused to speak with him on record about her death.

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