Author criticizes continued ‘culture of war’ with troops in Iraq, Afghanistan

Author Michael Knox told Hill.TV he is disappointed that President Biden has signaled he might leave certain troops in Iraq and Afghanistan for the foreseeable future, after the president committed to ending some wars during his 2020 campaign.

“I would say it’s a disappointment, but it’s to be expected. Joe Biden ended his nomination acceptance speech and his victory speech and his inauguration speech with the words ‘And may God protect our troops,’” said Knox.

The professor emeritus at the University of South Florida said former Presidents Trump and Obama also expressed similar sentiments about the U.S. military in their speeches.

Knox, author of “Ending U.S. Wars by Honoring Americans Who Work for Peace,” said those kinds of repeated remarks by presidents are part of a “culture of war” in American society that emphasizes militarism.

A congressionally mandated panel recommended Wednesday that the United States delay its withdrawal from Afghanistan after finding that the Taliban has not met the conditions of an agreement made with the Trump administration last year.

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