CODEPINK cofounder: Pentagon budget doesn’t help fight crises facing Americans

CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin said the hundreds of billions of dollars allocated for the Pentagon does not help combat the array of crises directly impacting Americans. 

On Hill.TV’s “Rising,” Benjamin said the Defense Department receives “massive, massive, massive amounts of money” but does not play a top role in combating domestic terrorism or the coronavirus pandemic, issues she says are at the forefront for Americans. 

“I think it’s very clear to the American people now that our biggest threat is not terrorism overseas but it’s terrorists here at home, and of course the pandemic, as the number one threat to the American people and the lack of a health care system,” she said.

“And then there’s the issues of the recession brought on by COVID and the staggering global inequalities that we face and all of the conflict that comes as a result of that,” she continued. “None of these are things that the Pentagon can deal with.” 

Watch the full interview with Benjamin above. 

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