Conservative author explains why the right should support $15 minimum wage

Pedro Gonzalez, assistant editor of conservative news site American Greatness, says that Republicans should join the push from the left to increase the minimum wage.

Gonzalez joined Hill.TV’s “Rising” on Thursday to discuss his Newsweek op-ed from earlier this month entitled “The Conservative Case for a $15 Minimum Wage.” 

“Wages and benefits do not rise or improve for anyone that the economic power structure is not designed to serve,” Gonzalez said.

“That’s important because conservative orthodoxy today insists that the proper and only real way to raise wages is by cutting taxes and slashing regulations, and if we do that wages will rise as sure as the sun,” he said.  “But that’s just not true. Wages don’t rise for anyone who doesn’t fight for them, and that’s really the key point of that article.”

Watch part of Gonzalez’s interview above.