Economist discusses the effects of income cutoffs for stimulus checks

Economist and author Stephanie Kelton joined Hill.TV's "Rising" on Thursday to discuss the continued discussions between Democrats in Congress over what the cutoff point should be determining which Americans receive direct payments under the upcoming $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill.

Speaking with co-hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, Kelton explained that millions of Americans who previously received $600 payments under the Trump administration would be excluded from direct relief payments under President BidenJoe BidenHouse Democrats pass sweeping .9T COVID-19 relief bill with minimum wage hike Biden to hold virtual bilateral meeting with Mexican president More than 300 charged in connection to Capitol riot MORE's plan should Democrats bow to pressure from conservative members of the caucus and reduce the income cutoff for payments from $75,000.

"Some people are pushing to reduce that threshold to $50,000. You'd leave out about 40 million people in this country who got checks under Trump and would not get checks this time," Kelton said.

Concerns from conservative Democrats about passing such a sizable relief plan in order to allow more Americans to be eligible for direct payments, Kelton added, was akin to "throwing sand in the gears of progress."

Watch part of her interview above: