Economist makes the case for federal jobs guarantee

Economist and author Pavlina Tcherneva joined Hill.TV's "Rising" on Monday to discuss a potential federal jobs guarantee such as the one proposed in a recent resolution introduced by Rep. Ayanna PressleyAyanna PressleyPressley: Black men 'deserve to grow old' Pelosi on power in DC: 'You have to seize it' FDA ends restrictions on mailing abortion pills during pandemic MORE (D-Mass.).

Speaking with co-hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, Tcherneva said that such a program would alleviate the need for support state and federal agencies currently provide to unemployed Americans, while also offering the benefit of a public service workforce for the country.

"The public sector is responsible for providing the support. It already provides the support to the unemployed and addresses the various socioeconomic problems associated with it. So the claim here is that we can do better, we can just give people meaningful opportunities to participate in our economy," she said.

"We can't really have an improvement in wealth and opportunity until people have a foot in the door," Tcherneva added.

Watch part of her interview above.