Head of conservative group says most Americans want more government assistance for families

Oren Cass, executive director of the conservative think tank American Compass, said Friday that a new survey from the group finds that most Americans across all socioeconomic classes believe the government should be doing more to support families. 

Cass, in an interview on Hill.TV’s “Rising,” cited the think tank’s 2021 Home Building Survey, which found that the main reason people cite for not having as many kids as they would like is the financial cost of raising them. 

“Then you ask them what they think government should do and there’s huge support for government providing more support, and then the kind of support they want is direct cash assistance,” Cass said. 

He went on to say that while “the debate we hear in Washington is driven by the professional class, and you survey them and they will say the problem is they need more childcare and paid leave, but that’s not what most people actually say they want.”

“The lower working class and a large share of the middle class, they say, ‘No, no, we have an affordability problem and we actually prefer a stay-at-home parent, but we’re having trouble making ends meet,’” Cass explained. 

Watch part of his interview above.