Zaid Jilani weighs in on Capitol security measures following last week's attack

Journalist Zaid Jilani weighed in Monday on the debate regarding Capitol security measures following last week’s deadly attack, saying that even without heightened measures, the suspect who rammed his car into police barriers, killing one officer, would have been stopped.

“His car was basically blocked by a roadblock that I believe was pre-existing prior to Jan. 6, or prior to the new security measures, so there's really no evidence that this wouldn't have been stopped prior to all those new security measures,” Jilani said on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

“Very similar sorts of incidents have occurred in the past, and I think when they had occurred in the past, nobody suggested increasing security or establishing new measures because, quite frankly, what already exists was more than adequate. I think that's really the question is like, you know, should you overreact to incidents like this,” he added.

Jilani also discussed the comparisons between last week’s attack and the January riot at the Capitol, saying “to many people it brought up memories of Jan. 6, as you mentioned, they had that immediate reaction. But that was, you know, a riot with several hundred people, and even in that case, it seems like if the Capitol Police, you know, it may have been more of a logistical failure on their part, not necessarily a resources failure.”

“They had certain capacities that they just didn't deploy because of failures up and down the leadership chain, but it wasn't necessarily that they needed to have National Guard ... National Guard were on hand last week, they didn't really do anything, they didn't really have any role, I think they just went and patrolled afterwards or something,” he continued.