Briahna Joy Gray discusses growth of Forbes billionaire list amid pandemic

Current Affairs contributing editor Briahna Joy Gray joined Hill.TV's "Rising" on Wednesday to discuss the addition of hundreds of new names to the Forbes billionaire list, a statistic that comes as many countries including the U.S. faced severe economic pangs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking with co-hosts Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball, Gray argued that there was a correlation between the economic health of the general population, the country at large, and the wealthiest Americans.

"The fact that people are able to get that much money does not come without a cost," Gray said. "The reality is that we have seen a correlation between income inequality and the fates of the 99 percent, and the growth of the one percent."

"I know it's not an accident that during a year that was marked by such enormous economic and personal crisis by so many people, the rich got richer and richer," she added.

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