Intercept's DC bureau chief: PRO Act passage 'no longer impossible'

The Intercept's D.C. bureau chief, Ryan Grim, joined Hill.TV's "Rising" on Tuesday to discuss the path forward for supporters of the PRO Act, a bill that would strengthen federal officials' abilities to penalize companies that engage in violations of workers' rights.

Grim told hosts Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball that passage of the bill through the Senate remained unlikely but not impossible given the four Democrats and one independent who have yet to throw their support behind the bill. Passage of the full bill is unlikely given Democrats' unwillingness to end the legislative filibuster, but the party could still seek to pass parts of the legislation through the budget reconciliation process.

"It's no longer utterly impossible, though still very difficult," Grim said of the bill's path ahead.

"It doesn't hurt to stick things on reconciliation and see how it goes," he continued, adding: "How much Biden is willing to put into this remains to be seen."

Watch more of Grim's interview above: