Sirota: Biden has not fulfilled campaign promise of combating union-busting tactics

David Sirota, founder of The Daily Poster, said that despite President Biden’s statements in support of labor unions, he has not yet delivered on key campaign promises to combat union-busting tactics by corporations and contractors. 

Sirota said Biden was “lauded pretty widely” when he released a video in late February backing Amazon workers in Alabama who were voting to unionize.

However, Sirota said Biden did not fulfill commitments to “put in place two rules that are designed to push back and deter against union busting.”

“One rule is essentially the resurrection of an Obama-era rule, which is designed to require companies to more thoroughly disclose what kinds of spending they’re doing on anti-union activity,” he explained. 

Sirota, who also served as a speechwriter and senior adviser on Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) 2020 presidential campaign, added that the second rule would ban federal contracts from going to corporations and contractors that do not commit to remaining neutral in union organizing efforts. 

“Biden has the executive authority to try to move those forward,” Sirota argued. “It could face a legal challenge, obviously all executive orders can face legal challenges in ways that legislation itself can’t, but he has the executive authority to try to move an executive order forward. He has not done that.”

Watch part of Sirota’s interview above.

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