David Dayen of The American Prospect says there are 'limitations' to reconciliation

David Dayen, the executive editor of The American Prospect, weighed in on the debate surrounding reconciliation in Congress, saying that there are "limitations” to the legislative procedure.

“I do think that there are limitations that you described with respect to voting rights and the like, and I don't know that the Senate democratic caucus has really figured out a way forward on that,” Dayen said in an appearance on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

He continued by saying that Democrats may need to “bang their head against the wall” to realize that Republicans “really aren’t interested” in the same issues, or working across the aisle to strike compromises.

“It may be that they need to bang their head against the wall a couple times to see that Republicans really aren't interested in the same priorities and making any compromises, before they move forward and try to find some other methods.” Dayen added.