Investigative filmmaker dives into UFOs from a 'national security standpoint'

Investigative filmmaker Jeremy Corbell, who previously reported on photos and videos of UFOs that were deemed authentic by the U.S. Navy, discussed UFOs from a “national security standpoint,” as more unidentified aerial phenomena are being detected in restricted airspaces.

“It doesn't matter where UFOs, UAPs come from. That's an epistemological issue that people can deal with. I'm looking at this as a scientific issue, and one from a national security standpoint, as a conversation that we need to have either way without ridicule. And that's happening now,” Corbell said on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

Corbell said UFOs and UAPs are an "advancement in technology" that no nation has ever used in a "theater of war," but now officials are detecting invasions in restricted airspaces.

“One thing is for certain, UFOs, UAPs, they represent an advancement in technology that no nation on earth has ever displayed in the theater of war, and now we are seeing incursions by UAPs in our restricted airspace over sensitive facilities, they can actively jam our radar and weapon systems, and they hover, at times, and manipulate our nuclear weapons,” Corbell added.