Intercept co-founder says Biden is trying to end war he helped start in Afghanistan

Jeremy Scahill, co-founder and editor-at-large of The Intercept, said Biden helped start the war in Afghanistan “well before 9/11,” nearly a month after the administration laid out its plan to withdraw U.S. troops from the region and end America's longest war.

“Biden was one of the people that voted to open the spigot of covert U.S. aid to Pakistan to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and you know here we have Biden claiming ‘oh I'm gonna end America's longest war.’ Well Joe you helped start that war well before 9/11,” Scahill said on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

Scahill recognized the “big questions” Biden must answer regarding the 16,000 contractors still in Afghanistan, and noted the possibility of the administration sending the U.S. military and members of the CIA back into the region after pulling out all troops.

“There's big questions about, what is Biden going to do with the 16,000 contractors that are still there. Biden is talking about positioning CIA and special ops strike teams in the region. We could see Biden pull out of Afghanistan, only to send the U.S. military and CIA back in, as Obama did… pull out the military 2011 from Iraq, 2014 they have to send them back in,” Scahill said.

“Let's put this in a historical context: Biden's presidency is claiming to try to undo decades of policy that Biden himself was a central player in creating,” Scahill added.