The Intercept DC bureau chief weighs in on sexual misconduct allegations against NYC mayoral candidate

The Intercept's Washington, D.C., bureau chief Ryan Grim joined Hill.TV's "Rising" on Wednesday to discuss the accusations faced by Scott Stringer, New York City's comptroller and a candidate for mayor.

Grim, along with co-hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, discussed his recent article for The Intercept pointing to inconsistencies in the statements of Jean Kim, the woman accusing Stringer of groping her without her consent and soliciting her for sex.

"The other thing that you could fact-check...is whether they were in a relationship. And people who were around at the time say that yes, there was a casual, romantic relationship that everybody was well aware of that was going on. She has flatly and specifically denied that it exists, but people around them say it did," Grim said.

"At the time we would call it 'friends with benefits,' but I'm not even sure that's a term we can use anymore," Grim said, describing what one associate of Kim and Stringer told him.

Stringer has denied any non-consensual activity and called the accusations "untrue," adding that they "do not reflect my interactions with anyone, including any woman or member of my staff.”

Watch more of Grim's interview above.