The Daily Poster's David Sirota explains Denny's $15 minimum wage drama

David Sirota, founder of The Daily Poster, joined Hill.TV on Friday to discuss the drama unfolding behind the scenes at Denny's, where the company's shareholders are urging the chain to pull out of the National Restaurant Association and end its lobbying efforts against a national $15 minimum wage.

Speaking with "Rising" co-hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, Sirota detailed how comments from CFO Robert Verostek had convinced many shareholders that raising wages could help, rather than hurt, the company's business.

"In this case, with Denny's, the shareholders are basically saying, 'Listen: You told your investors that this is good business, when the minimum wage is higher. You can't then also be funding the leading lobby group that is preventing this wage increase across the country,'" Sirota said.

Watch more of his interview above.