Zaid Jilani compares UK's Conservative Party to the US Republican Party

Journalist Zaid Jilani on Monday compared the UK's Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, to the Republican Party in the U.S., after Britain's opposition Labour Party lost a parliamentary seat of Hartlepool, strengthening Johnson's grip on power.

In an appearance on Hill.TV's "Rising," Jilani said Johnson made for a much more "capable" conservative populist than former President Trump.

"In many ways Boris Johnson is a very capable kind of populist, the kind of person I think a lot of conservatives wish Trump had been. He actually understands a lot of underlying dynamics and he's competent in terms of executing his strategy strategically," Jilani said.

Jilani said he believes that if the Republican Party were to establish a "more competent and effective populist" in a leadership position, they could likely put Democrats in a position of political disadvantage.

"I think these dynamics do make conservatives stronger in the UK than the Republicans are in the United States but there are some of the similar trends. We do see regional polarization starting to happen in the United States and we do see education polarization is starting to happen the United States," Jilani said.

"And I do think if the Republican Party were to establish a more competent and effective populist at the top, who is more careful I think in playing off those divisions, yeah, they could presumably put the Democrats in a similar position of being in such a political disadvantage," Jilani continued.