Glenn Greenwald criticizes State Dept. spokesman on violence in Israel, Gaza

Journalist Glenn Greenwald sharply criticized a spokesman for the State Department on Hill.TV Tuesday during an interview on "Rising."

Speaking with co-hosts Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball, Greenwald addressed a press conference given by agency spokesman Ned Price a day earlier at which Price appeared to dodge questions regarding civilian casualties resulting from recent Israeli military strikes, which Jerusalem says were in response to rocket attacks by Hamas.

"You look at Ned Price in that clip, the State Department spokesman, and he's petrified. He's petrified. You know, he was very confident and boldly proclaiming that the Israelis were engaged in self-defense but then suddenly when he was asked about the Palestinian children who were killed, and all the reporter wanted him to do was say that he condemned that, he was like, 'we just have very preliminary reports on the ground, we can't comment on anything,'" Greenwald said.

"But he could comment when it came time to herald the Israeli military forces as acting with great nobility and ethics," he added.

Watch more of Greenwald's interview above.