Journalist Ashley Rindsberg discusses how errors at the NYT can distort reality for readers

Journalist Ashley Rindsberg joined Hill.TV's "Rising" on Friday to discuss his new book, "The Gray Lady Winked: How the New York Times's Misreporting, Distortions and Fabrications Radically Alter History."

Speaking with co-hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti, Rindsberg explained how incidents of misreporting or errors at the Times throughout U.S. history have had significant effects on world events due to the paper's prominence as one of the most-read in the world.

"They are...an enormously powerful institution. They not only set the news agenda, but they really influence what millions of people believe to be the case. Really how we perceive reality, how we understand history for the past 100 years in American," he said.

"World organizations, news organizations look to their reporting," Rindsberg continued. "It's fundational...to how we understand what goes on around us."

Watch more of his interview above: