Jaisal Noor says co-op businesses 'give a sense of ownership' to workers

Jaisal Noor, a senior reporter at The Real News Network, said that co-op business operations give "a sense of ownership to the workers” when decisions are made democratically, which ultimately improves the quality of their products.

During and interview with Hill.TV's "Rising," Noor broke down his reporting on co-op businesses during the pandemic. 

“Instead of a business owner, even a small business owner taking the majority share the profit, in a co-op the profit is split often equally, and oftentimes even the non-owners get to share the profit too."

“When the decisions are made democratically, you have to work together, it gives a sense of ownership to the workers. And you're not just a cog in a machine, not working a nine to five, oftentimes you're working until the job is done is how the workers put it. So it sort of flips the script on what we traditionally think about so a lot of times there's a lot of education that goes into running a worker co-op,” he added.

Noor said that sense of ownership felt by co-op employees ultimately “makes their product better,” even if costs for the business are sometimes higher.

“And they know that at the end of the day, even at a laundry service, one of the biggest co-ops in the country, their product is so much better and they have competitive prices that, you know, that customers want to go and shop with them,” he added.