NY state senator: Single-payer healthcare bill has the votes needed to pass


New York state Sen. Jabari Brisport (D) on Monday said that a bill for single-payer health care in New York has the support needed to pass and override any potential vetoes from Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

“This is legislation that’s been introduced time and time again since 1992. This is the first time ever in nearly 30 years that we have a majority of co-sponsors on the legislation in both the New York State Assembly and the State Senate. So we have majority support in both houses and we just need to vote on it,” Brisport said while appearing on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

Brisport stated that although Cuomo still needed to be “worked on” when it came to supporting single-payer health care, he was confident that there were enough votes to override any actions from the governor.

Hill.TV host Ryan Grim questioned Brisport on how this legislation would affect the quality of care if passed.

“Well we know from this legislation that the New York Health Act offers no co-pays, no deductibles, expands insurance to every single New Yorker, regardless of documentation so the quality for over a million New Yorkers who were uninsured would drastically improve. And for people who are, you know, dealing with in-network versus out-of-network who can now see every doctor, you know their access would improve as well,” Brisport said.

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