Zaid Jilani: Push to oust Netanyahu won't incite change

Journalist Zaid Jilani says even if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is ousted from power, it is unlikely to spark meaningful change in the country. 

"I think in the United States based on the interests of people here [whoever is in charge] it does not really matter, they'll want to maintain an ironclad relationship with the United States and basically the same policy visa vie Palestinians," Jilani said. 

Last week, opposition parties in Israel confirmed they had reached an agreement that would establish a ruling coalition that would seek to replace Netanyahu, who has been in power in Israel for over a decade. 

"Its notable that [Naftali] Bennett who is expected to be the next prime minister, is very vocal that he doesn't agree with the Palestinian state, he does not think its worth it for Israel," Jilani said. "Whereas Netanyahu at least in the past suggested he would be open to it."