Popular Information author Judd Legum discusses GOP fundraising tactics

The author of politics newsletter Popular Information told Hill.TV that some Republicans are benefiting from a fundraising tactic that involves renting email lists of likely supporters.

Judd Legum discussed his reporting about how some GOP lawmakers have rented email lists from organizations that collect millions of email addresses.

“One of the things that caught my eye — and I wasn’t the only one — is that you had really large sums of money being raised by certain Republicans, particularly ones associated with this effort to overturn the [2020] election,” Legum said.

These lists, Legum said, involve websites republishing news content, with visitors encouraged to provide their contact information. That info is then rented to interested lawmakers seeking reelection.

“When you look into these websites, you see that they don’t produce any original content, there's no reporters, no one works for them at all, in fact,” Legum said.

“There were a couple of the sites that did have a significant Facebook presence, so I think that was a piece of the pie,” Legum said.