Jordan Chariton: KY trailer park residents 'living in terror' due to state law

CEO of the independent news outlet Status Coup Jordan Chariton said Friday that Kentucky trailer park residents are "living in terror" of eviction due to a state law in place. 

During an interview with Hill.TV's "Rising," Chariton discussed his coverage of a mass eviction occurring in Kentucky. Chariton explained that nearly 100 families in a trailer park in Morehead, Ky., were given 30 days to move as a result of a tax increment financing (TIF) deal.

"A lot of these residents lived there for decades, and [developers] wanted to get rid of them to create a strip mall, under the guise of, you know, economic redevelopment and all that which we hear a lot about in other states," Chariton said.

"TIF money, they call them TIF districts, essentially subsidizes real estate developers with taxpayer money. So your property taxes, things like that, which are supposed to go to schools, police, you know, other public things go to the real estate developers in tax abatements," Chariton explained.

"We spoke with residents who were literally living in terror, during the pandemic. Where are they going to go, how are they going to move trailer parks, mobile homes."

According to Chariton, many residents have moved, but many have been unable to relocate their homes and have been forced live on significantly more expensive properties. The residents of the trailer park have begun protesting in the hopes of nullifying the laws that allowed for them to be evicted.