Podcast host Katie Halper calls Obama's lavish birthday plans 'pretty disgusting'

Katie Halper, co-host of the “Useful Idiots” podcast, told Hill.TV that former President ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaContinuing resolutions are undermining Congress' right (and responsibility) to operate Rising costs top concern for Americans: poll Biden Supreme Court study panel unanimously approves final report MORE’s earlier plans to celebrate his 60th birthday showed he was out of touch with what most Americans are going through right now.

“I think that what was kind of offensive about the party, personally, was how much money he was putting into it, so lavish and it seems like a pretty disgusting thing to do especially given how much this country is suffering,” said Halper, who also hosts “The Katie Halper Show” podcast.

Obama significantly scaled back plans for his birthday bash, on Wednesday, that initially included hundreds of guests. Organizers said the guests would have been required to submit proof of a negative COVID-19 test to attend the outdoor event, and a designated coronavirus coordinator would have ensured all guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the state and local authorities were followed.

Halper said there’s a slight hypocrisy on the left when it comes to following CDC guidelines and overspending on personal celebrations.

“The binary of Democrats being responsible on COVID and Republicans being irresponsible, it’s a little bit more complicated,” Halper said, arguing that many in the Democratic Party view Obama and his legacy untouchable.

“Obama, they think, has never done anything wrong. They never mention the droning program, the surveillance, the bailing out of Wall Street at the expense of Main Street -- none of these things matter and he gets to parade around as this exalted, sainted figure because he’s not [former President] Trump.”