Intercept reporter reflects on pro-coup messaging among Bolsonaro supporters in Brazil

Andrew Fishman, a reporter for The Intercept, said that despite mounting political crises and a low approval rating facing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, many of his supporters have stood by him, ramping up calls to remove members of the country’s Supreme Court. 

In an interview on Hill.TV’s “Rising,” Fishman discussed how the protesters who believe Bolsanaro’s claims of election fraud and and judicial persecution have taken to the streets with calls to organize a coup against some of the country’s democratic institutions. 

“Bolsonaro has his solid base that he’s basically never going to lose no matter what,” the reporter explained, noting that this is the case despite the president's overall approval rating reaching a new low of 24 percent amid criticisms of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and other allegations of mismanagement. 

“He still has a lot of people that really love his message and love who he is, and would like to see him stay in power whether or not he can win an election,” Fishman said.

Watch part of Fishman’s interview above.