Investigations editor says NYC gig workers mobilizing to improve conditions


Investigations editor for The Verge,  Josh Dzieza, said Tuesday that New York City delivery gig workers are organizing to develop services within their community that companies like Uber and DoorDash don’t offer to contractors. 

During an interview with Hill.TV’s “Rising,” Dzieza outlined recent reporting in which he found that people who contract as food delivery workers have “been forced to develop their own infrastructure,” including by building repair networks for fixing electric bikes used to make deliveries and locating garages to store them in. 

The editor also said that recent attacks on workers biking home at night over a bridge connecting Manhattan and the Bronx have prompted workers to start traveling together as a layer of protection. 

Dzieza said that because app delivery workers are contractors, they are not able to unionize. He added that their options to encourage their companies to provide better working conditions are limited to “protests, mobilizing politicians to impose regulations” and “increasing awareness of the difficulty of their job.” 

Watch part of Dzieza’s interview above. 

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