Insider reporter: There should be concern about Hunter Biden’s alleged offer to help unfreeze Libyan assets


Business Insider reporter Mattathias Schwartz said in an interview on Wednesday that “people ought to be concerned about” Hunter Biden’s alleged offer to help recover billions of Libyan assets frozen by the Obama administration.

In Schwartz’s report, emails from Hunter Biden’s business contacts dated in 2015 showed that Democratic donors with business dealings in the Middle East viewed President Biden’s son’s political connections as beneficial.

At the time, Joe Biden was vice president of the United States. 

The younger Biden had allegedly requested a retainer of $2 million in exchange for help freeing up Libyan assets, though the deal never went through, according to the email detailed in the report.

“The fact that you have the vice president’s son even saying this and quoting seven figures I think is something that people ought to be concerned about,” Schwartz said while appearing on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

The email obtained by Insider also said that one of Hunter Biden’s “positives” was that he had “access to the highest level” in China. Schwartz said it was unclear how serious these claims actually were.

“There’s probably 30 people in Washington now telling, you know, potential clients they have access to the highest level of the [People’s Republic of China] so whether that’s just good salesmanship or whether he actually did have that kind of access, that’s a little bit ambiguous,” said Schwartz.

Watch part of Schwartz’s interview above.


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