Stoller says Facebook shutdown shows company is 'incompetent'

Matt Stoller, author and research director at the American Economic Liberties Project, says that Facebook’s hours-long shutdown shows the company’s “incompetence.”

Speaking on Hill TV’s “Rising,” Stoller explained what the hours-long outage of Facebook, Instagram and “WhatsApp” on Monday could mean for the Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit against Facebook.

Stoller explained that the FTC’s argument is that Facebook monopolizing because it is “incompetent” and not very good at running a social network. 

“What the outage yesterday shows as well as a bunch of these [documents], is that that in fact is true, Mark ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg'Facebook Papers' turn up heat on embattled social media platform TikTok, Snapchat executives to make Capitol Hill debuts Facebook whistleblower 'shocked' at focus on metaverse MORE is incompetent,” Stoller said. “And that's why the only reason that he has market power in social networking is because he is engaged in monopolization.”

Watch part of the interview above