NC state rep says Dan Bishop lacks 'good will' needed for member of Congress

North Carolina state Rep. Charles Graham (D) says Rep. Dan Bishop (R-N.C.), whom he is running to unseat, doesn’t "represent the good will" needed in a member of Congress.

Graham, a candidate in North Carolina’s 9th District in next year's midterms, made the comment to Hill.TV’s “Rising” when asked about Bishop being known for divisive issues 

Bishop notably sponsoring the state’s controversial transgender “bathroom bill” in 2016, which forced people in government facilities to use bathrooms that corresponded to their sex at birth. The law was repealed a year later.

“He does not represent the goodwill that we need in a congressional member. He's a divider. He's a partisan, and he's going to continue to work that way,” Graham said.

“My campaign is going to be different. We're going to be running a campaign that's going to have a voice for our American people and especially the people and 9th congressional district,” he continued.

Watch part of the interview above.