David Sirota: If Democrats don't deliver, voters will 'vote for change'

David Sirota, the founder of the Daily Poster, said that if the Democrats fail to deliver on some of their promises in the spending bill it will tell voters that their "vote doesn't actually matter."

Sirota, during a Thursday appearance on Hill.TV’s “Rising,” explained how broken promises by Democrats could cause voters to lose confidence.

He explains that not delivering on campaign promises sends a “metamessage” to voters that their “vote doesn’t actually matter.”

Sirota says that a failure to pass key legislation will make voters question when the next election comes around and politicians say to “elect us to defend democracy,” saying those voters will say elected officials used democracy to get them into office and they haven’t done anything for them.

“I believe the voters, rightly say, the party in power is responsible for what the government is doing,” Sirota noted. “If the party in power can not deliver on its campaign promises, or refuses to deliver on its campaign promises, then voters are going to continue to vote for change.”

Sirota said he believes the failure in keeping campaign promises during the Obama presidency and during the financial crisis led to former President TrumpDonald TrumpFormer New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver dead at 77 Biden, Democrats losing ground with independent and suburban voters: poll Bipartisan Senate group discusses changes to election law MORE's election.

“The legacy of the Democrats' response, their throwing it in with their Wall Street donors, the legacy of that part of the financial crisis was that thing that allowed Donald Trump to portray himself as the guy who was going to drain the swamp. And the point in remembering that now is to remember that if democrats repeat that history, they should expect the other part of the history to repeat as well, either with Trump or Trump clone,” Sirota said.