Working Families Party’s Maurice Mitchell urges Democrats to rethink their campaign platforms in light of Virginia loss


The national director for the Working Families Party, Maurice Mitchell, urged Democrats to rethink their campaign platforms in light of Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin’s win in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.

“I think this idea that Democrats could just run against Trump and not actually demonstrate what we want to do for working people I think is problematic, Mitchell said during a Wednesday appearance on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

Mitchell also blamed the impasse between moderate and progressive Democrats on Capitol Hill, who have struggled to reach an agreement on their $1.75 trillion spending bill and failed  to get the bipartisan infrastructure deal on the House floor for a vote, as part of the reason why Democratic candidates have had less to run on.

“You have to put into context what’s happening on Capitol Hill, right? Democrats had an opportunity months ago to be able to pass Build Back Better and the bipartisan vote together and demonstrate that progressives – when they have power could deliver – deliver concrete victories, concrete material victories for working people. They were unable to do that,” Mitchell said. “And I think as a result, they have less to run on.”

Early Wednesday morning, The Associated Press called the gubernatorial race in Virginia, declaring Youngkin the victor against Democratic candidate and former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. 

It was seen as a stinging rebuke to Democrats, especially given that McAuliffe had enlisted the support of Biden and other prominent Democrats during his campaign. 

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