Newsweek editor: Wallace’s departure from Fox appears to lean into media polarization


Batya Ungar-Sargon, the deputy opinion editor at Newsweek, said that longtime journalist Chris Wallace’s departure from Fox News and subsequent announcement that he was joining CNN appeared lean into the political polarization of the U.S. news media. 

During a Monday appearance on Hill.TV’s “Rising,” Robby Soave asked Ungar-Sargon what her thoughts were on Wallace’s decision to leave Fox.

“It does appear to be a leaning into the political polarization of our media, although I have to say as somebody who has the misfortune of watching CNN and Fox News all day long as part of my job as Newsweek’s opinion editor, you know, I have to say the real divide there is not actually political,” Ungar-Sargon said. 

“It really does, to me, seem like it’s more about class — that the Fox News host is picturing a viewer who doesn’t have a college education and the CNN host is picturing a viewer who does have a college education,” Ungar-Sargon continued. “And if you watch the news shows during the day, you know before primetime — before the nighttime shows pick up, it really is not. I wouldn’t say it’s deeply, deeply politicized. You get a lot of straight news reporting.” 

“That said, you know, a decision like this to leave that comes out of the blue, of course, leaves a lot of us scratching our heads,” she added.

Last Sunday, Wallace announced that he would be leaving role as “Fox News Sunday” anchor so he could take on new opportunities “beyond politics.” Following his announcement, CNN said he would be joining their network as an anchor for a show on CNN+, the network’s new streaming service.

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