Judith Levine: Digital vaccine passes are easier, but are ‘not transparent’


Judith Levine, author and reporter for The Intercept, said on Tuesday that while digital vaccine passes may be convenient for most people, there are still many questions about the safety of the technology.

“I’m not a big tech person so I could be wrong, but I think it’s not only easier but it’s not transparent,” Levine said while appearing on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

“It’s really opaque to us. We don’t know what is in the QR code and furthermore we’re not just talking about the state, we’re talking about partnerships between the state and big tech companies.”

According to Levine, it is still unclear who owns the data that is used in digital passes, or if there is any oversight or regulation around them. She pointed out that ID verification technology is already used in a variety of areas such as in cryptocurrency and online gambling.

In her piece for The Intercept published last week, Levine wrote, “When biometric data — bodily attributes digitized — are married to surveillance technology, both the potential for profit and the ambitions of the techno-futurists inflate without limit.”

Watch part of Levine’s interview above.

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