Briahna Joy Gray: Biden going to ‘pay the piper’ for inaction during midterms

Briahna Joy Gray, the host of the Bad Faith podcast, said President Biden and the Democratic party are going to suffer during the midterm election for their inaction on important issues to voters. 

Gray, who joined Hill.TV’s ‘Rising’ on Wednesday, said Biden has failed to use executive orders to enact the Democratic agenda and has pinned blame on moderate Democrats for policy failures. 

Former President Trump used executive orders “to do everything that was terrifying and struck fear in the hearts of millions of Democrats,” she said, “but suddenly Joe Biden is powerless” to take executive action on issues that “matter to people.”

“People are deeply ignorant and misinformed about the extent to which Joe Biden is really going to pay the piper for this come midterm season,” she added.

Gray said Democrats are going to run in the 2022 elections on a message that moderate Democrats such as Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.) and Krysten Sinema (Ariz.) are the reason the party has not succeeded in passing its agenda. 

“It’s absolute nonsense,” Gray said. Progressives need to speak out and say “the problem is not just Manchin and Sinema. The problem is that Joe Biden and the Democratic party is not committed to these broad sweeping reforms that are necessary to keep this party on track.” 

Gray highlighted the failure to pass Build Back Better and cancel student loan debt as some of Biden’s major failings so far in his presidency. 

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