WaPo’s Pamela Constable: Afghan suffering complicates US policy to not engage with Taliban


Washington Post foreign correspondent Pamela Constable said in an interview on Wednesday that while the Biden administration has continued to deny recognition to Afghanistan’s Taliban leadership while working to provide the country with aid, the widespread suffering that the Afghan people are facing complicates this stance.

“The policy right now by the United States and much of the world is not to officially recognize the Taliban government, number one. Which means that no direct aid of any kind is supposed to be coming to the government, but that policy goal is complicated by the fact that you know millions of people in Afghanistan are suffering greatly,” Constable said while appearing on Hill.TV’s “Rising.”

The White House on Tuesday announced it would be sending an additional $308 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan as the country risks economic collapse. The money will go through independent humanitarian organizations in order to help provide health services, food and winterization assistance.

“I’ve seen that with my own eyes, many others have seen it too. This is a very poor country, it’s always been a very poor country but it seems to have been hit with everything at once,” said Constable.

Watch part of Constable’s interview above.

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