Judd Legun: Red Lobster employees forced to come into work when sick

Journalist Judd Legum joined Hill.TV on Friday to discuss his new report about a survey of Red Lobster employees, which found the workers do not have enough sick days. 

Legum, who writes for newsletter Popular Information, said the survey found just 12 percent of respondents had access to paid sick leave, while 63 percent of those who've been sick in the last month said they worked while sick.

The survey found that of those respondents two thirds say they had come in because they couldn't afford to skip a shift. 

"The research we got, the data actually spans both before COVID and throughout the whole COVID process over the last couple of years. So sick leave at Red Lobster and in the service industry in general was not great. Before COVID And it continues to be quite bad," he said in an interview with HillTV's "Rising."

He added that Red Lobster got back to him in response to his report and said their sick leave policy was the industry standard.

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