U.S. Troops on ALERT amid Russia, Ukraine escalation. Ret. Lt. Col. CAUTIONS against military action

Robby Soave: L.A. schools ELIMINATE parents’ choices, require better masks and mandate vax

Briahna Joy Gray: The REAL affirmative action scandal, private universities cater to ELITES

Kim Iversen: Did Omicron come from RATS? Can’t vax our way out of pandemic when ANIMALS spread Covid

Sponsor Spotlight: Mission Critical Presented by Raytheon Technologies

Stop-and-frisk returns to NYC? Eric Adams REINSTATES units disbanded in Black Lives Matter summer

How the professional managerial class SERVES capitalism while virtue signaling progressivism

‘The View’ SLAMS Bill Maher for being done with Covid. Whoopi Goldberg: How Dare You?

Biden CAUGHT calling Fox's Peter Doocy, "stupid son of a b*tch", draws criticism & cheers from MSM

Reddit's Wall Street Bets founder: Market volatility is normal, crypto isn't going anywhere


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