WallStreetBets subreddit founder advises calm amid stock market volatility


Jaime Rogozinski, founder of the popular trading subreddit WallStreetBets, advised that people remain calm despite recent volatility in the stock market, saying he would hesitate to sell off his shares.

Appearing on Hill.TV’s “Rising,” Rogozinski said one of the few “predictable” aspects about the economy is that it goes through cycles of growth and decline.

“We know that we’ve had a very good run, like I said, for over a decade at this point. So at some point, yes, the markets and the economy are going to slow down a little bit,” Rogozinski said.

As Rogozinski put it, there is always reason to fear of a market crash, pointing to the COVID-19 pandemic; inflation; and the recent tensions between NATO and Russia.

“There’s always reasons to fear, right? But I do know that if every time that I get worried because a big one is coming that I decide to short or sell over the past 14 years, I would have missed out on a lot of money,” he added.

“Whenever that time comes it’ll come. It’s entirely possible, it’s more probable that we’re getting closer to that moment given the length of time that has passed, but I would hesitate to actually take action on at this point.”

Watch part of Rogozinski’s interview above.

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