Pamela Denise Long: Democratic party has ‘neglected Black voters’

Pamela Denise Long, a contributor for Newsweek, says the Democratic Party has “neglected Black voters” for years.

Her comments, made on Hill.TV’s “Rising” on Wednesday, come after she wrote a piece saying Black voters should leave the Democratic Party because they have not done anything for them.

“What prompted [the article] is just seeing the ways in which the Democratic Party has absolutely neglected Black voters for a generation or two,” said Long, a Republican.

“We in America, Black Americans and white Americans, particularly, are still not comfortable having conversations with each other. We are not comfortable understanding and engaging with each other,” she said. 

“I’m calling for people to start having conversations and to get to know each other,” she added. “There are ways in which Black voters are reticent to engage in Republican spaces because they anticipate a level of racism and conversation that they don’t want to engage in voluntarily.”

Long said Republicans are also wary of conversations with Black voters because the party does not believe they want to “hear what they have to say.”

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