Reporter in Lviv says Ukrainians ‘want to be able to fight for themselves’


Nancy Rommelmann, a reporter currently on the ground in Lviv, Ukraine, said Ukrainians “want to be able to fight for themselves” as Russia continues its invasion of the country.

Rommelmann, during an interview with Hill.TV’s “Rising” on Wednesday, said the “constant message” she is hearing from Ukrainians is that they want more weapons to help in their fight against Russia, not additional bodies.

“They just want to be able to fight for themselves, that’s the message. Just help us fight, help us fight but not with bodies, just with weapons. It’s just the constant message that I’m getting,” Rommelmann, the co-founder of Paloma Media, said.

She emphasized that “they don’t even want American bodies on the ground here, they want weapons.”

“They’re extremely grateful to the United States for the weapon we already have provided over the years and are just questioning more,” she added.

That sentiment echoed previous comments from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who in the beginning of the conflict said “I need ammunition, not a ride.” The latter part of his statement was referring to his desire to remain in Ukraine during the Russian invasion.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began roughly two weeks ago after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a military operation in the country

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