Dem pollster: Most Americans fear their kids will be worse off than they are

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake said on Tuesday that a majority of Americans are concerned their children will be worse off in the future. 

"Three-quarters of Americans are worried their kids won't be as well off as they are," Lake told Hill.TV's Joe Concha on "What America's Thinking."

Surveys show a large number of respondents fear for their children's economic futures — though typically in numbers below 75 percent.

"That is a devastation to the American dream, that's what's really salient to people," Lake said. 

A Pew Research Center poll last year found that 58 percent of Americans said their children will be worse off in the future. 

Public opinion may be changing, however, as the economy continues to experience growth. A Gallup survey conducted in March found that 61 percent of respondents said it is likely that children will be better off than their parents in the future. 

— Julia Manchester