Election analyst: Enthusiasm gap will close ahead of midterms

Election analyst Henry Olson predicted on Friday Republicans will get more intense about the midterms and close the enthusiasm gap with Democrats. 

"Intensity is going to stay, and if anything on the Republican side increase. So I think the enthusiasm gap between the partisans will close," Olson, a senior fellow at the conservative Ethics and Public Policy Center, told Hill.TV's Jamal Simmons on "What America's Thinking." 

However, Olson said Democrats should still feel confident going into the midterms, particularly in House races. 

"I think that Democrats should feel very good about these midterms. It's a very high percentage lead that they've held up now for well over a year, and I think they should feel very good about retaking the House. Not smug or confidant, but I would feel comfortable going to Las Vegas and making that a money bet,”  he said. 

Olson's comments come just over 100 days from the 2018 midterms in November, when Democrats hope to gain majorities in both houses of Congress. 

A Fox News poll conducted earlier this month showed Democrats leading in enthusiasm ahead of the election with 51 percent of Democrats in the sample saying that were more enthusiastic about voting than usual, while 42 percent of Republicans surveyed said the same. 

— Julia Manchester